Volcanoes National Park

The park situated in northwestern Rwanda, Volcanoes National Park is one of the country’s most popular tourist destinations. Since reopening in 1999, it has experienced a growing number of visitors each day, thanks in large part to its role as the world’s most popular mountain gorilla sanctuary. With fewer than 700 of this species left, tourists can catch a rare glimpse of the gorillas as they can nowhere else in the world. Beyond gorillas, however, the park is also able to offer some of the country’s most spectacular scenery and diverse vegetation. It is part of the Virunga Conservation Area and covers more than 125km2, including five extinct volcanoes: Muhabura, Sabyinyo, Gahinga, Karisimbi and Bisoke. The latter two can be climbed during one or two-day treks.

Activities in Volcanoes National Park

Gorilla Trekking

Trekking mountain gorillas in Rwanda is a front row experience to the jungle. All factors and conditions such as weather, terrain, folliage, proximity to the capital and security offer a prime experience, just enough for it to be considered an adventure without having to break ones back. Gorilla trekking is a close up experience as compared to most primates and wildlife that are observed at a distance or on trees. You will get to spend an hour in close proximity with a family of mountain gorillas after a trek that takes one to three hours depending on the family you visit.

Golden Monkey Trekking

They may be less well known than their mountain gorilla counterparts, but Rwanda’s golden monkeys are no less precious and rare, and are well worth a visit. Found deep in the heart of the Volcanoes National Park’s bamboo forest, the golden monkey is one of the most endangered primates in Africa. Indeed, it is thought that the Virunga volcanoes, which form part of the boundary between Rwanda, Uganda, and the Democratic Republic of Congo, are home to the last viable population of these golden monkeys.

Hiking Trails

The stunning volcanoes are once again open to visitors for a guided trek. There are several possibilities for trekking up to the summits of one or more of the volcanoes in the park. You will need to bring your own sleeping gear, but not tents as there are basic huts on the mountain. Among the popular hikes to take include; The return trip takes six to seven hours from the parking Bisoke, Climbing Karisimbi takes two days. The track follows the saddle between Bisoke and Karisimbi. Contact us for a trip.


Birding is an act of watching birds, their characters in their natural habitats mostly in the wilderness. Rwanda is a land locked country and is located in the Albertine part of the rift valley and is bordered by Uganda, Burundi and Congo. There are over 750 different bird species and it has several birding spots all found in the different areas in Rwanda.

Cultural Safaris

 The cultural visits are so important since people are also significant part of the park like the primates. In case of the best Rwanda cultural tours or the cultural safaris, you can opt to visit any of the cultural centres with in Rwanda, and you can visit one of more like the Iby’iwacu Cultural village and is a non-profit making organisation that helps the reformed poachers.


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