Nyungwe National Park

Nyungwe Forest National Park protects East Africa’s largest tract of montane rainforest in Eastern Africa. The park is a remarkably rich centre of biodiversity, with more than 1,050 plant species recorded, among them 200 varieties of orchid, along with 85 mammal, 310 bird, 32 amphibian and 38 reptile species. The main attraction for most visitors is the opportunity to track a habituated group of chimpanzees, but the park is home to a dozen other primate species, most conspicuously the acrobatic Ruwenzori colobus and striking L’Hoest’s monkey.

It takes a drive on roads winding through tea estates and a roadside parade of Rwenzori Colobus monkeys to get to the Southwestern end of Rwanda where the park is located.

What To See in Nyungwe National Park

Chimpanzee trekking

Nyungwe is an ideal destination for lovers of primates and most visitors will go for at least one tracking experience, the most popular of which is chimpanzee trekking.

Sightings may not be as reliable or as clear as gorillas, since the chimps often remain in dense forest, so the sightings vary quite significantly. However, their engaging playfulness and human-like characteristics.

Canopy Walkway

Nyungwe Forest sits on 1,015sq km and is today, the largest remaining area of Tropical Afro Montane rainforest in East Africa. The canopy walk is in essence, a 2 hour stroll on a 200meters long trail 50 meters above the forest cover and one of the most exhilarating activities to do at Nyungwe Forest National Park. The view at the top gives you the eagle’s eye experience; panoramic views that a hike on ground would not offer.


Nyungwe Forest is among the Top birding destinations in Rwanda with over 310 bird species. From the Albertine Rift endemics to the Forest endemics there are numerous species to set your eyes upon. The best yet rarest ones to see are the Great Blue Turaco, the Re-Throated Alethe, the Paradise Flycatcher and the Gigantic Forest Hornbill. The bonus views include the purple breasted and the blue headed sunbird, and more.

Hiking at the forest

Much like gorilla tracking, you need to be prepared for lengthy hikes that can take up to several hours. However, the vegetation on the forest floor is much less dense than in the Virunga mountains where the gorillas live, so the walk is generally a little less tiring. In the rainy season you have a good chance of successfully tracking the chimps on the coloured trails, though in the dry season they have a tendency to head for higher elevations.

Colobus Monkey Trekking

Trekking in search of grey-cheeked Mangabey and Rwenzori Colobus monkeys is also on offer in Nyungwe Forest. The latter can be found here in troops of several hundred individuals, believed to be among the largest numbers worldwide. Head down to the forest early in the morning, where you’ll meet your guide who will take you through the jungle to see the monkeys. Let us take you to the park for the trek.

Kamiranzovu Waterfalls

This imminent Nyungwe Forest national park is filled with nature and wildlife experiences. Hiking or even biking the beautiful terrain, tracking the famous chimpanzees, experiencing the canopy walk, witnessing beautiful birds, relaxing by waterfalls are just a glimpse of activities that Nyungwe offers. Travellers will witness the lush green mountains and cooling mist in a landscape that won’t be soon forgotten.