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Rent a 4×4 Car Rental Rwanda

A 4×4 car rental Rwanda is highly recommended to travellers exploring a Thousand Hills country; Rwanda as one of the famous tourist destination in East Africa, attract visitor from all around the world to explore its unique and beauty. Rwanda is well served by many modes of transports. Many hotels have a transportation desk offering a variety of transportation services, tours, usually with higher prices. In the tourist destination, there are many transport services touts and vying for your attention. Kigali Car Rentals offer you a reasonable transportation and car rental services with excellent services. We offer you:

We do not only hire cars to people visiting the wildlife of Rwanda but also offer some other services like car hire services for business meeting, airport transfers, city tours and also to people who want to take their lovers on a date in style. Hire a car in Rwanda with us and fulfill your commitments/obligations.

Just let us know when your will be traveling and what you would wish to explore and we can rent a 4×4 car to you as well as arrange accommodations if you so wish and better still in case you want one of us to accompany you we can offer the driver too and then you simply enjoy your holiday in Uganda. Why not take advantage of us by letting us plan an itinerary for you on a self drive vacation Uganda.

Why 4×4 Car Self Drive car in Rwanda

Kigali Car Rentals has a powerful reputation when it comes to providing affordable off road car rentals from SUV cars, economy cars to tough utilitarian 4×4 safari cars in Rwanda as seen from our  car rental Fleet ranging from the 4×4 Toyota Rav4, Mini Buses, Customized 4×4 land cruisers for safari and many more. We will customize your 4×4 rental car according to your wish, In case you are looking for a popup roof, roof tent and all camping gear. Do not hesitate to contact us even on last minute, our professional dedicated team, works tirelessly to make sure we serve you diligently and to your satisfaction. We strive to keep our car rental rates lower than any other car rental company in Kigali. Wether you are looking Self drive adventure or opt  for a chauffeur driven rental car, we are absolutely the best local car rental option you have in Kigali.

4x4 Car Rental Rwanda Fleet & Rates

4x4 Prado Landcruiser

Things to know before Hiring a car in Rwanda

4x4 Toyota Rav4

4x4 Safari Landcruiser

Toyota Landcruiser TXL

Toyota Landcruiser V8

4x4 Safari van


Things to know before Hiring a car in Rwanda